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The Technology Expansion Partnership

"Can we give you $5,000 next month?"

Better yet, can we give you $5,000 a month for the next 60 month?

If what pops into your head is a cautious yet intriguing, inquisitive, but responsive YES - then my message has been received and I’d recommend that you take a few minutes to read on, because the TEP has the opportunity to change your life.

As a ProAdjuster doctor, client and frankly a friend of one of the largest Instrument adjusting groups worldwide... we decided to do a unique, expansive and highly productive offer. We did this to allow for more ProAdjusters to get into the hands of doctors of chiropractic, who for whatever reason simply don’t have one yet. YET is the Key word!

You’ve experienced the benefits, career longevity and unsurpassed credibility created when the results from the Sigma Instruments ProAdjuster are utilized as part of your Treatment Formula for Success with patients.

As a Chiropractor myself, I happen to know these truisms:

1. We have attended a Chiropractic School

2. We think like Chiropractors

3. We have friends that are Chiropractors

4. We relate to other Chiropractors


These Truisms can lead us to a marvelous place that can help us work together and:

1. Help more people through Chiropractic

2. Help more Chiropractors expand their businesses

3. Utilize your Help getting the technology of the ProAdjuster into more offices

4. Help YOU participate in the revenues as a ProAdjuster Doctor… Its called;

“Friends and Family Helping Friends and Family Program.”

To enroll in the Technology Expansion Partner Program, simply fill out the form below and we will send you your unique TEP ID. The doctors you refer will use your TEP ID when they purchase their ProAdjusterCT. For each doctor that you refer that purchases the ProAdjusterCT you will receive a referral fee of $500!

Now here’s the great part. If you’re willing to repeat the same effort and energy each and every month, we are willing to back you up and help you to make $60,000 extra in the next 12 months and beyond. We anticipate this is worth about $300,000 to you over the next five years with no overhead, and no staff management. The key to maximizing the potential of the TEP Partnership is to be an early adopter of the program. It's important to know that only ONE referral fee will be paid on the sale of the ProAdjusterCT. Make that ONE YOU!

I hope I have your attention like the hundreds and hundreds of other chiropractors that are receiving this offer. I’m confident if we work together we could introduce the technology in a very short window to over 1/2 of the profession which is our company goal. We simply want to have a ProAdjuster Brand be the most penetrative, expansive, and well-known brand in the Chiropractic market space. We want the ProAdjuster to be requested by the Chiropractic patients globally.

Thanks for your help ,support, interest and continued success working together; helping Chiropractic become the number one healthcare choice on planet earth.

Yours for better health,


Dr. Moe.

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